Bayside Furniture

Warranty and limitation of liability

Bayside Furniture Pty Ltd warrants all products with a two year protection in which we deem products to be produced free of manufactured defects. However, improper use or damage caused by the user is not covered by this warranty

Limitation of Liability

Bayside Furniture Pty Ltd offers a warranty against defects of manufacture and materials on standard goods. The warranty is 2 years as from the date of delivery provided that the goods are used under normal circumstances and maintained according to our guidelines and specifications in our digital catalogues, found on our website.

Excluded from this warranty are all defects due to or caused by transport, incorrect use, inadequate maintenance, accidents, humidity, water damage, alteration or repair as well as normal wear and tear of the goods. Variations in wood grain, texture, colour, knots and other naturally occurring characteristics are inherent to solid wood and cannot be considered to be defects.
All remarks or complaints should be made in writing and should include pictures of the goods. With respect to goods that are defective, the Seller may choose to refund the purchase price, offer a discount or, repair or replace such goods. It is a condition for such remedies that the buyer has notified the Seller about the defect within reasonable time after the buyer discovered or ought to have discovered it and provided that such notice is given within the warranty period. The above remedies constitute the buyer’s only remedies in respect of any defective goods.
The Seller is not liable to the buyer for any consequential or indirect loss such as but not limited to financial or commercial damage, loss of customers, loss of contracts, loss of profit, reputation damage, delay or failure of project planning etc., a third party intervention in relation to the infringing goods, where the goods are installed or stored in an unsuitable place, in case of overuse, especially use for other than private purposes, where the goods supplied are not assembled or installed according to the rules of art or not in accordance with the instructions provided or the general arrangements for use for this type of material, transport damage. The Seller’s maximum liability towards the buyer can in no event exceed the purchase price for the goods sold, including any liability for damages to a third party, such as, for example but not limited to product liability.

If you believe that defect(s) or deterioration of a product is covered by our warranty, please contact via email at;

To process all claims we will require the following information to be sent to us;

  • Copy of your original Invoice and/or the Invoice number
  • Your Customers Details (address, email, and contact number)
  • Images of the defect(s), or deterioration
  • An Image of the quality check label of the item
  • An inspection report from your team with relevant information regarding to the claim made

If we accept your warranty claim. We will ask the item(s) to be available for collection from the location we delivered to at your cost. Alternatively, item(s) can be sent back to our warehouse directly. In our discretion we will then, repair or replace the product, free of charge. In all other cases, we will contact you with options for repair, replacement, or return.


We accept the following methods of payment for all purchases: EFT and all major credit cards. All credit card payments impose a 2% surcharge per transaction.

We no longer accept Cheque as a payment option.