Bayside Furniture

For our collections we only use oak sourced from managed forests in Europe. Our oak furniture is finished with a pigmented hardwax oil. This protective finish forms a natural coating, repelling most common substances and fluids, but is no foolproof guarantee against stains.


Daily care of Oak Furniture

  • For regular dusting, use a dry, non-fluffy cloth
  • For cleaning, use a damp sponge or cloth (not too wet) with a mild solution of water and natural soap (no detergent)


For cleaning & surface refreshing

For refreshing the surface of the furniture when the wood starts to feel dry or for removing stains, we recommend Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (3029).

Do not use this product daily. The Liquid Wax Cleaner is not guaranteed against stains.

This is not applicable to the Blackstone Ellipse


Stubborn stains & repairs

Through time and depending on wear, the original hardwax coating on the furniture may need to be renewed. Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Use extra fine sand paper (minimum 320 grit) and work in the direction of the wood grain, then apply the Osmo Hardwax Oil Natural (3041). The oil protection is no guarantee against stains.

Note that for the Oak Blackstone Ellipse table, apply only the daily care treatment.


Additional Information