Bayside Furniture

Many of the hides used are left in their purest form. This means there is little or no surface treatment, allowing for the unique natural beauty of each hide to come through. It also means these pure leathers are incredibly soft to touch and will remain supple as it has not endured extra processing treatments which can makes the hide stiff.

 Our leather can be prone to marks and require delicate care to keep it in optimal condition. Over time, it will naturally take on patina or soft sheen. This is the natural character brought out by regular and unique surface exposure.


  • The upholstery of our leather chairs and sofas should not be washed or dry-cleaned.

Regular care

  • To avoid discolouration do not place the leather in direct sunlight.
  • Frequently wipe the leather down with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Treat spills immediately. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, whit e cloth. Do not rub.
  • In case of a stain, use a clean, slightly damp white cloth, blotting from the outer edge to the centre of the stain. Do not use any chemicals products not designed for leather.
  • Use a towel to evenly dry the leather. Do not use a hair dryer as it is likely to dehydrate the leather.