Bayside Furniture

The upholstery our the fabric and velvet sofas is not allowed to be washed. Taking off the cushion covers and washing these in a machine (even at low temperature) will lighten the colour and shrink the fabric.

If pilling should occur, don't be alarmed. It's a result of excess fibre coming off the fabric or from external sources. This is not a defect but a characteristic of many upholstered fabrics.

To keep your sofa in optimal condition we recommend the following:

  • Avoid placing the sofa in direct sunlight.
  • If vacuuming is needed, use the lowest suction and a soft upholstery attachment.
  • Treat spills immediately. Blot up as much of the spill as possible with a clean, dry, white cloth. Don´t rub.
  • In case of a stain, use a clean, slightly damp white cloth, blotting from the outer edge to the centre of the stain.
  • Do not use any chemical products not designed for polyester.
  • To remove pilling, we recommend using an antipilling machine.


Metal Structure

  • Dust regularly using a soft dry cloth.
  • For a more thorough cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.
  • Do not use steel wool, sandpaper, mineral acid, bleach, or chlorine cleaners on metal surfaces.
  • Do not drag the furniture along the floor, as it might damage the protective coating, cause rusting or leave permanent marks on the floor.
  • Always lift the furniture when moving them from place to place.


Tips & Tricks

  • All Ethnicraft products are intended for indoor use only.
  • Recommended humidity in the room: between 40% and 60%.
  • Ideal room temperature: 21°C during the day, not below 14°C at night.
  • To prevent colour differences: do not place your furniture in direct sunlight, move objects placed on the furniture from time to time and open your extendable table on a regular basis.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme conditions: do not place furniture near heating sources or air-conditioned spaces.
  • To prevent staining, we recommend that any spills be removed immediately.
  • When cleaning the surface, always work in the direction of the wood grain.
  • Use place mats to prevent hot pots and pans, or cold glasses and bottles, from leaving marks on the furniture.
  • Do not drag the furniture along the floor, always lift the furniture
    when moving.
  • Always ensure water and solutions used to clean the floor do not come in contact with the furniture's base, as it might leave permanent marks.